Saturday, November 7, 2009

went to the japan trip meeting the other night! getting me quite amped for it, even if it's not until september next year. i'm really quite worried about not getting all the money i'll need in time for it though! argg. =/ hopefully i get this job waitressing and what not at castaways, that'd be pretty sweet. miss was telling us about fundraising and all that jazz; she happened to bring up some hypnotist dude that she says she does not want to do fundraising with ever again because he is a prick and said just out of the blue - on stage even - that he will never fundraise for a chess club because they have no friends. how mean! yet i laughed at this none the less.. again, i was pretty much the only one laughing. in a room full of parents. most turned to look at me; and yes, i continued to laugh despite this. my bad guys.

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