Tuesday, March 16, 2010

fuck you. fuck her. fuck everything. why are you such a fucking cock? do you get pleasure out of what you do to me? because if that's the case, you are a sick and twisted fuck. so when she breaks your heart or you break hers, or things just generally go terribly wrong, don't you come crawling back to me, yet again. don't you dare even fucking smile at me after all you've done. you've made me a fucking wreck. i'm better than that. i hate you. actually no, thats a filthy lie. what i hate is the fact that i don't hate you. that i can't hate you. my god, would i love to, but that is far beyond my control. but i do mildly dislike you (but only very very slightly and only because i'm angry). you know what? i hope she does break you. then maybe you'll know what it feels like to be on the other end. i've had more than enough of your endless bullshit. you used to be so wonderful, or was that all an act too? you're not as shit hot as you think you are buddy. it's a sad thing when people you know become people you knew, and i'm pretty much positive that's how we'll end up, which is sad because we were so close. we would have been good together if you'd just give it a go, i wish you could have seen that. and when i said "i'm still going to be here for you if you ever need me"; that was me letting you go. i hope you look back on memories we had and smile. have a nice life. x

p.s. - to my followers, i'm sorry to vent like this. i just needed to get some of it out.


  1. I hope everything does get better soon~

  2. That's okay. Everyone has to let it out at some poinnt.

  3. Hope everything gets better, I completley understand waht your going through I've been in your shoes.

  4. She's worthless and he isn't good for you baby.
    I'll curb stomp anyone who ever annoys/angers/causes you any pain.\
    Smile, you're worth it.