Friday, March 19, 2010

"i lie to everyone about everything, especially me.
i say i'm not tired when i am, i say i'm hungry when i'm not.
i tell people what they want to hear,
and never say what i'm actually feeling.
i let the lies pile up like bricks on a wall,
until i can't see out and no one else can see in.
i make a plan to escape.
i become someone else.
i put on a disguise,
and i climb over the wall,
and no one recognizes me.
i feel powerful.
i get people to do what i want them to do,
but i go too far, i get lost,
and i don't recognize myself.
so i take off my disguise,
i give away the power,
i give up the control,
i retrace my steps, go back to the wall,
and i take it down, brick by brick.
i bury them to mark the place,
strip away all the lies until there are none left.
i remember the girl i left behind,
i claim the confidence i was missing.
i envision the woman i want to be,
tell everyone the truth about everything, especially you."


  1. I feel like this sometimes.
    We all just have to get through it, one way or another.

  2. I hope you feel better.
    But it takes a while.

  3. Aww...Please feel better.
    You are beautiful.